Versions of ART

  • They look different, but it is the same medicine!

    These are versions of TLD pills & packaging that are exactly the same medicine.

  • What is TLD?

    ART is usually three ARVs in one pill – called a fixed-dose combination.

    The most recent combination of ARVs is: tenofovir (TDF), lamivudine (3TC) and dolutegravir (DTG).

    This combination is called TLD.

    There are several different versions of TLD. Don’t be surprised if your tablets change.

    Or they don’t look the same as your family or friend’s HIV medicine! Packaging can also look different for the same medicine.

  • What is the difference between the versions?

    The pills and packaging might look different – however they are made using the exact same ingredients and are the same quality.

    The reason there are different versions is because they can be made cheaper and more available.

  • Are the different versions of TLD less effective?


    Generic pills are made using the same methods and ingredients so they are exactly the same.

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