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App Tour

    to the Modern ART app!

    We supply up-to-date information about managing HIV, with a specific focus on antiretroviral treatment.

    This web-based app also features handy tools to manage your treatment.

  • All your information is confidential. We will not share any of your information with any third party.

    In order to use the ART tools, you need to set up a profile.

    You can use all the other features in this app without setting up a profile.
    You can always setup a profile later.

  • Setting up your profile, only 3 things required!

  • You can access your profile or log in by tapping on the hamburger menu.

  • Once your profile is set up and you are logged in, you can start to use the treatment tools!

  • Head over to Learn More for up-to-date treatment information

  • Your questions, answered!

    You will receive an answer on the email address you provided.


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